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Our Mission

With decades in the automation systems industry, we knew better than to approach a complex problem with an even more complex solution.

So our guiding principle has always been to “simplify the complicated.” To take one thing and do it really, really well.

In launching Envision, your Factory EKG System, BEET has effectively enabled some of the world’s largest companies and automation systems users to:

  • Significantly reduce – or nearly eliminate – unplanned machine downtime.
  • Achieve reliable, repeatable, sustainable automation system throughput.
  • Improve automation system performance in a scalable, affordable manner.
  • Transition from Preventive Maintenance to Anticipative Uptime.

Located in one of the most developed automation systems locations on the planet and home to the Automotive Capital of the World – Detroit, MI – BEET is comprised of a team of automation professionals, technical experts, developers and seasoned executives fortunate enough to have helped some world’s most renowned manufacturers to reach unprecedented automation system performance.

The Future of Operational Efficiency

Beet is proud to be at the forefront of Smart Manufacturing technology with its predictive maintenance software, Envision.

With Envision you are able to digitize all of your manufacturing operations and monitor them anywhere in real time. Envision monitors all assembly processes and establishes if they are operating within an acceptable parameter. It  compiles the data it collects and presents it in an EKG style graph, making problem areas easy to identify.

Envision captures machine deterioration the naked eye cannot, allowing operators to schedule maintenance on parts before they have a major breakdown. This prevents unplanned downtime; saving manufacturers both time and money.

The results users have had since implementing Envision are very telling of how functional  the software is. Within weeks of implementing Envision manufacturers have had 10-15% throughput improvement, 2% OEE improvement and a 75% reduction in time to solve problems and validate fixes.

Beet currently features two versions of Envision:

  • System Scope- Meant for a single machine.
  • Factory Smart- Meant for a whole line or entire factory.


Envision can be easily installed on any PLC at only a fraction of the time as other analytic software.


System Scope will look at every one of your machine's process details, ensuring you get the most accurate report the market.


With its quick install and easy to interpret EKG style report, system scope is an easy solution to difficult problems.

Full Factory

Envision Factory Smart can be installed on an entire line or a whole factory.


No more guessing games. The detailed reports you receive will highlight any problem of any severity in any line.


Factory Smart gives you a complete report on all machining processes. With unlimited history available, you are able to look back at any process on any machine from any time.



Envision prevents unplanned downtime by detecting failures before they occur, turning maintenance into a task done at your convenience.


Envision diagnoses any issue with an easy to understand EKG style report. Understanding where problems persist has never been easier, allowing you to make the changes needed to run a healthy plant.


Envision is essential to increasing throughput. As throughput increases so do profits.


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