John Fleming, Ford Motor Company Manufacturing Veteran, Joins BEET Analytics Technology as Advisor to Board

PLYMOUTH, MI., JULY 18, 2016 – BEET Analytics Technology today announced that it has appointed John Fleming to be an Advisor on the BEET Board. Fleming’s appointment was effective from July 1, 2016.

"It is our honor and pleasure that John is now joining our team," says Ronny Chiang, President of BEET. "As Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) are getting more attention from global manufacturers, we look forward to leveraging John’s manufacturing experience to assist our product development, business strategy and corporate structure.“

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to work with the BEET team. They are excellent professionals who have developed technology, which is at the leading edge of Industry 4.0, supporting and enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This new technology is already in use in today's industry but as its true value is fully understood, I believe it will become the standard for driving optimization and improved utilization in tomorrow's smart factories.” says Fleming.

John Fleming is former Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs, at Ford Motor Company. Fleming oversaw Ford’s entire global operation of more than 80 assembly, stamping, and powertrain plants, plus engineering support for stamping, vehicle, and powertrain manufacturing. In addition, Fleming was responsible for Ford’s Material Planning & Logistics, the Ford Production System, Manufacturing Business Office, and Labor Affairs organizations. Fleming managed a global workforce of over 130,000 people. Previously, Fleming was chairman and CEO of Ford Europe. Fleming retired from Ford on January 1, 2016 after a 48-year career with the automotive maker.

About BEET Analytics Technology

BEET Analytics Technology is a Smart Manufacturing solution provider founded in June, 2011, and provides Process Visibility System (PVS) built upon ENVISION, the software created by BEET. PVS is a new way to manage the manufacturing shop floor. It helps to transform the shop floor culture from reactive to proactive. The process implemented through PVS will maximize the capacity of existing assets by reducing the unplanned downtime and increasing the production throughput, helping sustain higher throughput by providing pinpoint and accurate information to the right people at the right time. ENVISION takes advantage of its proprietary technology to collect, process and present data down to the motion of each device of a production line. ENVISION plays the vital role for manufacturers pursuing Industrial IoT, which, in turn, leads to Industry 4.0.